DL Pricing

The charges for the rentals are customized to each client. Contact us and we will quote you according to your wants. We don't post a common list of charges online because there are many items that are included into the end cost of the party bus and limousines and we can discuss those terms with you to get the ideal party bus or limo for whatever you have planned. Once you have finalized your own plans for your event, give us a call and we can work out a quote.

If you are contemplating what affects the end costs of the rentals, there are many details that are measured. We have an range of sizes from 18 to 40 passengers so the costs will rise with size. The charges on Sunday through Thursday rates are usually lesser than those on Fridays and Saturdays. Also, the time of day whether itís the daytime or nighttime is taken in consideration. The length of the trip in miles in terms of where we pick you up and drop you off, and where we travel throughout the rental is considered.

Those are the common variables of the limo and party bus rentals. When you contact us to speak about a rental, please know the type of event, when it is (date and time of day), and the areas of travels.


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