How would you describe your vehicles?

Our fleet of vehicles has the length of a regular limousine but the height and space of a bus. They have all sorts of entertainment features within.

What are inside the vehicles?

Inside each of our vehicles are all sorts of entertainment and navigation amenities to ensure and fun and safe good times for everyone. Look at the vehicles page for details on each of our party buses.

Do you offer any specials?

There are some specials based on the season but there are many variables that go into the costs. Contact us and speak to an agent about our specials and rates.

Do I need to put a deposit down?

At the time of confirmation, a valid credit card needs to be on the account.

Is food allowed in the vehicles?

Yes, but keep it clean. Any clean up will result in an additional fee.

Is alcohol allowed in one of your vehicles?

Yes, alcohol is allowed, but everyone on board must me of legal drinking age of 21. If anyone is under 21, drinking is not allowed for the entire party.

Should we bring our own alcohol?

Yes. No alcohol will be supplied.

Is smoking allowed on the vehicles?

No. Smoking is prohibited. Evidence of such may result in a detailing fee.

Should I tip the driver?

It is highly encouraged. Pay them in cash at the beginning or end of the night. An acceptable amount is about 10-20%. If you want it in the initial quote, let us know.


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