DETROITLimousine is a priceless option for Detroit limousine services with a big fleet of lavish party buses and limousines.

We are one of the finest Detroit limo services and offer first-rate Detroit Party Bus service all about the metro Detroit area. We also service all of the surrounding cities in south east Michigan. If you are more than 50 miles outside of the Detroit area there might be a small fuel surcharge to cover our expenses.

People are constantly looking for secure and reasonably priced ways to have an excellent time when they want to entertain a group. With, our Detroit limo services along with our party buses are a smart choice with inexpensive costs.

Our Detroit limousine services are supplied for all kinds of events. Whether it's a journey to a school dance, or going to the big game, or a pub-crawl with your buddies, our Detroit limo services will make your night worry-free and outstanding within our spacious vehicles.

Many people would think that renting a limo bus or limousine is expensive. It's really not. You can make it cheaper by having everyone split the total. Also, when you compare it to getting pulled over for drinking and driving or getting in an accident, the price of a limousine is greatly cheaper. It's also the smart idea.

Smart idea being that if you are drinking, it's the best way to get home. You don't have to drive yourself, you don't have to call and wait on a smelly taxi and no one has to miss the fun by being a designated driver. Everyone gets to travel together in one vehicle. You also get to keep the party going.

Between stops, when you're on the go, you can keep the party going. You don't have to stop because you're stuffed in a small taxi. Our limo buses have room to stand up and dance. There's color changing lights for the club feel. Loud stereo system to play your favorite music. A bar area with a cooler that's filled with ice so that you can keep your drinks and other items cold. Some of the buses even have a dance pole for even more entertainment.

So take your time looking at our site. We hope our site gives you enough information so that you feel comfortable with renting from us or our partner at Party Bus Rentals Ann Arbor. You can call us at anytime if you have any other questions that weren't addressed on our site. You can also call us for your free quote. We look forward to speaking with you. Thanks!


Trust us, there is no one out there who can service your special plans like we can. There are some very good reasons that are vehicles are nicnamed a party on wheels. Whatever event you may have coming up we can make even better. Get this in your mind right now, by rising with us, the party will truly never end for your entire experience. And that means not only will you and your group have a blast playing with our amenities while on your way to your destinations, you are going to love the convenience of bring dropped off right now each each stop and picked right back up at the same place. Our special service is where luxurym excitement, safety and fun all meet. Read about some of the events that we service below.


This is it. Your last go round before entering the arena of wedded bliss. And we are ready to show you the time of your life. By riding with us, you will be ensuring that the party will never end. So, come up with a nice list of venues to visit and then let us do the rest. We will pick you and your group up at the location of your choosing and then you can have a blast on board one of our beauties as you ride from destination to destination. We will drop you off at very convenient locations adn then pick you back up in the same vicinity. Get ready for fun.


Now, keep in mind that when you enjoy special events like this you are going to be wearing very special dressy clothes and that means that you are not going to want to get them all wrinkled up. With one of our spacious vehicles, you will not have to worry about that as there is plenty of room to move about and to sit without having any of your clothes messed with. And let's face it, with these kind of events, you want your group to be together and to be on time and we will ensure that happens.


When you are a sports fanatic, you certainly want to make the most of your time when it comes to attending games. In the Detroit area, fans have no shortage of amazing teams and venues to visit. Whether you are a fan of basketball, hockey, baseball or football, this area has it all. And riding with us when you are heading to one of the special sporting venues you will quickly find that we have it all too. Our special vehicles, have granite top counters for some amazing food, built-in coolers of ice for your favorite libations, a premium sound system, multimedia screens and so much more. Try us out when you head to your next game, you will not be disappointed.


When it comes to wineries, many people don't think of Michigan. But that woul dbe a huge mistake. There are several unbelieveable wineries around the state and touring a number of them in one day sounds like the trip of a lifetime. And it will be when you ride with us. Think about how convenient riding in one of our awesome party buses will make everything. Since you and your friends will be partaking in some of your favorite libations, it is a good idea to have someone else drive anyway. So, make a list of some amazing wineries and let one of our drivers take you safely to each one while providing top notch customer service.


When you get ready to mark another turning of the calendar, why not do it in style. Our special vehicles are so much fun and we have very nice granite top counters where you can fit food and a birthday cake. Throw in a cooler with the birthday boy or girl's favorite drink, some multimedia and a dance floor and you have the perfect party atmosphere.


We proudly proclaim that our party buses were made for an event like this. There are some very good reasons why our vehicles are nicknamed a party on wheels. When you ride with us for a night out event, the fun won't just be happening when you reach your destinations, you are going to have an absolute blast all night long. Stick with us and you will never look back.


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